first korrasami picture finished! :D Book 3’s finale made me feel all the feels- especially the korrasami ones! From their hug to asami taking care of korra at the end, how could I not draw them together? and I was craving something suggestive. ewe maybe I’ll try to draw fluff later (and with a proper background too) <3

bc I suck at drawing romance but really wanted to make some otp art, I used a ref. uwu”’ 


Please tell me if any of the links aren’t working


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sneak peak of a korrasami wip ;) 

concept art ideas

I think I’m gonna plan a star trek oc, thanks to watching a lot of tos 

blatant tracing of anne solenne hatte’s likeness to get an understanding of her facial features. this is the first time i tried this method. wouldn’t recommend it tho

eeeehhhhhhhh humanized mane 6 chibis wip

i’m trying to finish this one, but its just taking so long haha

just some doodles i did a while back uwu

wip of a practice image for rosalyn

yeah idk what i wanted to do with this other than try to practice coloring her, pre-apocalypse 


I’m so excited to develop my twins but I’m also very slow XD

Rosalyn is technically the older twin because she came out first but they don’t really care about who’s ‘technically’ older. (not anymore) when they were little they used to call each other “rosie” and “camie” and planned pranks on people. they are fiercely protective over each other

rosalyn is a bit more reserved with showing her emotions while camille acts more outward and needs rosalyn when she’s upset. they communicate very well and depend on one another. their father was a police officer who taught them how to shoot when they were younger. they are not hostile towards strangers just very cautious. they prefer not to travel with big groups. for most of the post-apocalyptic world, it’s just been them together. they were persuaded to join carver’s camp bc they were promised secure protection but hated being there after settling in